Monday, May 27, 2013

First project is fused glass

For a number of years now I've had half of our garage for my crafts. I've decided now to start using some of these crafty items and actually making something out of them. As I travel thru my garage I would like to share the Before and After pictures and show you what I've made. Or you may be able to give me ideas and challenges about using all these "toys" I have. I find it much easier to buy supplies that to make finished pieces out of them!

This is a fused glass plate I started working on three years ago - it has since gotten broken and fallen apart. This is my first challenge!

Ok, today I got it cleaned up, that black piece of glass is going to be a butterfly, I need to paint the colors on next. Before I started painting I realized I needed some cards to send out. So.... I spent the rest of the mid day doing cards. Maybe tomorrow will be a better glass day!

Then after the cards were finished I remembered I had to finish a little cartoon fox family with some airbrushing! Tomorrow has got to be a better day for glass!
Well still not much luck getting back to glass but I have been into getting other things done - I will post pictures shortly!
first a couple of tags I made.

And here is a plate and a close up of a finished plate - this is a fused piece; first I fuse it then I slump it into a mold to get the shape.

More pictures soon! Have a great day!
Oh --- one more - a stained glass bowling ball.


More cards I did today

  Ok did more cards and actually cleaned my kiln shelf, I'm ordering some stuff to do the fused flower so I have to do something while I wait!

Got my mold in for the glass, I just have to prepare it!
While I'm waiting for me to fix the molds up, a few more cards.

Some new cards for today, I'm going to do a tutorial on that orchid, pictured above. It's a very good die, cuts the paper clean, I've thought of a new way to put it together.

This is a wonderful digi from Doodle Pantry - I just love the ants! I used embossing powder on the blue layer with the clouds. I printed it out and used copics to color the ant art. What fun!

Another card from today, this is from GinaK Designs, a wonderful site!

Thanks for all your kind comments  - I do have lots of "stuff" in that garage!

These are fused glass,eventually going to be necklaces.

Here is a finished necklace.

More cards from today and some copic colorings too.

Here are a couple of walls I painted

A new day and two new cards!

A card and a box for cards.

I think I should have made card making my challenge!

A few more cards I did or started today

Here's a shirt I did, I do love painting tigers. I cut it off the rest of the shirt because I want to put it in a quilt instead.

A couple more car, I even cut some glass today!

Some new cards, waiting to see what I need for a sentiment!

And another try, using some scrapbook supplies and a die cutting machine

And just a pretty flower growing out front

About to start on glass tomorrow, to celebrate I did another card!

Ok, started on another project that needs to be done later this month, this will be a wind chime, out of glass and of a quilt pattern:

Ok so I soldered the wind chime today and worked on a card too!

So here is the completed wind chime

A new card

Here is an album I am working on, if you've never made your own album before, give it a try!

I will post pages as I get them done.